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Livestock GPS tracker - 3 pieces, Sigfox

Livestock GPS tracker - 3 pieces, Sigfox

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Adjustable collars according to the size of the animal
With the device, you get a customized collar size depending on the type of animal for which you are making a collar. Predefined sizes for cows, horses. sheep and goats.

Design and ergonomics
The locator has a shape that easily adapts to the neck of your animals, without affecting their movement, and the weight of only 265 grams will be almost imperceptible.

Virtual fence
Define movement zones and monitor entry and exit from them

Exact location
From your mobile phone and anywhere in the world, find out the exact location of your livestock and the path the koojo has moved in the last 24 hours

Monitor the activity of your animals
The system monitors the daily activity of your livestock and sends you activity and health indicators

History of locations
All locations are stored on our server, so you can see at any time which pastures are the best or where your cattle stayed the most

Simple setting of notifications / alarms
Activity Alerts
Loss or theft alerts
Temperature warnings
Warnings for exiting/entering the enclosure

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