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iScout Bug

iScout Bug

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Designed and developed for catching bugs (marmorated stink bug halyomorpha halys and other species). It includes a metal bottom plate with black pyramid wings and has closed side entries. Once the bug enters the trap from the bottom, it is fixed on the plate.

Technical specifications

32 MB + 8 GB (for photos)

Internet connectivity
LTE class 1

GPS receiver

Dimensions of trap housing without control unit
20 cm L x 15.5 cm W x 17 cm H

Weight without control unit
0.93 kg

Battery type
Rechargeable 6V, 12Ah, Operating range: -35 °C to 80 °C

Solar panel dimensions
17.5 x 17.5 cm, 7.2 Volt, 333 mA

10 megapixel camera

Measuring Interval
15 min
Taking photos: selected by the user (1 to max 3 times per day*)
Logging interval
30 min
Taking photos: selected by the user (1 to max 3 times per day*)
Transmission interval
60 min
after photo is taken

*Photo taking and transmission: depending on mobile network type: max 1 photo
per day when using the GPRS connectivity and max 3 photos per day when using
LTE connectivity. On closed traps it should be set at night (between 23:00 – 3:00).

Camera Control unit base with interface to camera devices and opportunity to connect environmental sensors (not included). Following sensors can be connected: Rain gauge, temperature, relative humidity and leaf wetness.

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