iMetos 3.3 - A Complete Environmental Monitoring Solution

iMetos 3.3 - A Complete Environmental Monitoring Solution

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A complete solution for environmental monitoring, disease models, water management and more.

iMETOS 3.3 is a durable and flexible data logger for all climatic conditions, powered by rechargeable battery and a solar panel. It is versatile, with the possibility to configure and connect many different sensors – over 600 sensors to choose from.

The data logger has a built-in UMTS/CDMA modem for direct communication with the FieldClimate platform, and can handle up to 600 sensors through the intelligent sensor bus system. The system is extremely reliable due to non-volatile internal memory and can store up to 8 MB of logged data (ca. 1 month).

Additionally, you can connect Pessl Instruments proprietary radio network (for technical information see page 60) and up to 16 wireless sensor nodes within a farm, research block, golf course, park, etc.

The iMETOS can also send SMS Alarms (user-defined via Internet) to alert you in cases of frost, strong rain, high temperature and more.

Data is regularly uploaded to FieldClimate platform where you can access it from any place at any time in real-time. Along with accessing the historical data and daily evapotranspiration values, you can also take advantage of decision support solutions like localized Weather Forecast, Disease Models and Irrigation Management.


  • Mounting Pole
  • NBIoT SIM card - 1 year connectivity
  • Pest and Disease forecast for one user and one crop
  • On site installation


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