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✔︎ First year of subscription included
✔︎ Rechargeable battery
✔︎ Multiple users

FenceAlarm is an electric fence monitor that will alert you immediately when the voltage drops.

 FenceAlarm notifies you through the My.Luda.Farm app when the voltage in your fence drops to a defined level. The unit can be powered for up to two months with the built-in rechargeable battery, or it can be constantly powered with 230 V or 12 V. FenceAlarm can be used everywhere there is GSM coverage.

The voltage is measured by connecting the red fence clamp to the fence and the green ground clamp to the ground pin. The voltage level of the fence is sent to the My.Luda.Farm app through the built-in SIM card, which always selects the operator with the strongest signal. You can check the fence status on your mobile phone whenever you want without having to physically visit the fence in the field to measure the voltage. You can invite as many users as you want to share and/or manage your fence settings. Invite co-workers or family using My.Luda.Farm, either by email or phone. If the user does not already have an account they will be asked to create one in My.Luda.Farm.

If the unit does not report for 24 hours or if the battery level becomes too low, you will automatically receive a notification from My.Luda.Farm on your mobile phone. With the Alarm+ option (current price* €5/month or €60/year) you and your team get immediate alerts should the voltage of your fence drop. You will be instantly alerted if animals have broken the fence or if grass is drawing power from your fencing. You will also have access to the Fence Voltage Graph, showing whether the voltage drop is sudden (caused by animals) or slow (grass or rain). The graph helps you to make the right decisions when you need to prioritise your time.

Included in the package: 
1 x FenceAlarm
1 x IP44 EU power adapter
1 x 12 V Outdoor charger
1 x Red fence clamp
1 x Green ground clamp 
1 x Ground stick

Communication: GSM 2G dual-band Operating temperature: –20ºC - +50ºC
AC adapter: 100 - 240 V Storage temperature: –40ºC - +50ºC
IP classification: IP65 Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion battery 18650
Fence sensor: 12 VDC, 1 A
Voltage range: 100 - 12.000 V
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