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FarmCam Flex Hub

FarmCam Flex Hub

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✔︎ IP44 weatherproof
✔︎ -20 C - 55 C operating temperature
✔︎ 5 LED indicators

The Flex Hub is a unique network switch with integrated power supply that provides the connected camera with both power and internet connection in one cable.

The Flex Hub is a unique network switch with integrated power supply, which provides both power and internet connection in one cable to the connected camera. You can connect up to four devices to one Flex Hub unit (three cameras and one Flex Bridge antenna).  

To extend your system, you only need to add an additional Flex Hub by connecting an ethernet cable between the link port on the Flex Hub units. You now have a system that can connect up to seven cameras. 

The Flex Hub is designed to meet the toughest requirements of a farm environment. The power supply is integrated in a weatherproof casing with waterproof lids, making the whole installation weatherproof. It is also engineered to be easy to use and install, all you need when installing the Flex Hub is a power socket and a screwdriver.  

The unit design is well thought out with clearly marked connections. With an information section placed on the front of the Flex Hub you can write down your information about the cameras, such as name and password. You can also place one of the QR code(s) from the camera(s) for more convenient access in the future. 

Each cable on the Flex Hub comes with an LED indicator that shows the connection between the device and the Flex Hub. If the LED indicator has a solid green light, the device receives power only. LED indicator with a blinking green light means that the device now receives both power and internet connection.   

 Included in the package: 
1 x Flex Hub unit

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