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The Agras T50 is built to cover large areas thanks to its 40 L praying and 50 kg spreading capacity. With a spraying max flow rate of 24 L/min and spreading max flow rate of 108 kg/min, T50 is ready for operations that demand heavy treatment. T50 features DJI's O3 Transmission System for robust signal strength and dual radar and binocular vision systems for unparalleled safety and stability.

  • Spraying payload: 40 kg / 40 L
  • Spreading payload: 50 kg / 75 L
  • Area coverage: Up to 21 ha/h
  • 2 sets of Active Phased Array Radars
  • 2 sets of Binocular Vision
  • Dual Atomized Spraying System
  • UHD FPV Gimbal Camera
  • Four-Sprinkler Configuration

Included in the package:

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DJI Agras T50 drone 1
DJI Agras T50 charger 1
DJI Agras T50 battery 3
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