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ABZ Innovations L30

ABZ Innovations L30

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The ABZ Innovation L30, featuring an advanced flight planning algorithm and optimized downward airflow, offers unparalleled performance in drone technology, ensuring precision and efficiency for a wide range of applications.

  • Liquid cooled CDA spraying system
  • Advanced RTK system
  • Can be equipped with a granule spreader
  • Total weight (W/O batteries): 29 kg
  • Max. take-off weight: 72 kg
  • Dimensions (Propeller and arms unfolded): 2435 x 2541 x 752 [mm]
  • Dimensions (Arms folded): 979 x 683 x 752 [mm]
  • Max. hovering time: Unloaded: 17.5 min, Loaded: 9 min
  • GPS: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou
  • Hovering precision: ±10 cm (RTK) ±2m (without RTK)
  • Rotor dimensions: 43 x 14
  • Motor dimensions: 120 x 45 mm
  • Motor KV value: 95 KV
  • Battery capacity: 28000 mAh
  • Battery voltage: 51.8V
  • Battery weight: 9.4 kg
  • Spraying:
    Spraying system CDA
    Number of Nozzles: 2
    Adjustable droplet size: Spot spraying
    Maximum flow: 16 L/min
  • Execution of work
    Technology developed for European Agricultural conditions
    Easy transportability
    Modular payload attachability
    Obstacle avoidance
    FPV camera
    1080p One axis gimbal
    Effective signal range of RC: ~8 km
    Altitude measurement
  • Flight planning
    Software source code: Open
    Flight plan creation on a pc
    Handling of SHP and KML filesSHP and KML
    Software compatibility
    Downward facing camera for obstacle selection
    Data security: No data transmission to remote servers
  • Frequency bands
    GNSS receiver: 1.58GHz
    Radio Control and Telemetry: 2.4GHz
    WLAN: 5GHz

Included in the package:
ABZ L30 Drone, 4 batteries, charger, spreader

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