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iScout Mobile

iScout Mobile

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With iSCOUT® Mobile you can easily create digital traps, associated with the manual traps (delta traps, chromotropic sticky traps…) that you have in the fields. You take a picture of the sticky boards with the phone, and the caught insects are automatically counted and identified in the app.

The AI tool detects, identifies and counts insects, resulting in the visualization of the data in convenient charts. Pictures can be downloaded and results can be exported for further analysis.

Main features:

  • Creation of Digital Traps: Digitize your traps by capturing images of sticky boards using your smartphone.
  • Automatic Insect Detection: The iSCOUT® Mobile app automatically counts and identifies caught insects, saving you time and effort.
  • Count Presentation: Visualize insect counts with intuitive charts for better analysis.
  • Export Functionality: Download pictures and export trap data reports for comprehensive reporting and analysis.
  • Upload and store data on the cloud: picture and detection results are uploaded and stored in FieldClimate cloud and available via web platform.
  • Access to iSCOUT electronic traps: the iSCOUT® Mobile app provides the most complete mobile experience for the remote installed IoT iSCOUT® traps
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