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DroneFiller station

DroneFiller station

Standardna cijena €4.300,00 EUR
Standardna cijena Prodajna cijena €4.300,00 EUR
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With it's two-stage mixing and high performance pump DroneFiller mixes chemicals and fertilizers thoroughly while it can refuel a 50-liter drone in under 60 seconds. In the meantime, the system only needs 370W of power so it can easily be operated from any aggregator used to charge any drone battery.

System with 3 tanks: 20 liter premix tank and 2 pieces of 300 liter IBC tank (with extension frame)
Approx. size(width/height/length): 1090/1395/1700mm

  • painted, weather-resistant steel frame divided into 2 parts, with reinforced structure, nozzle holder and forklift pockets, which makes it easy to lift and transport the mixer. Distributors have the possibility to choose the color of the frame.
  • extension frame for placing the second 300-liter IBC in the case of a 3-tank system, or for placing the 600-liter or 1,000-liter IBC in the case of a 2-tank system
  • multifunctional chemical tank (20 liters) for premixing and making stock solution, lid with lock, safety valve, inspection openings, chemical bottle washer, self-washing function
  • 8 meter long hose reel
  • manual plastic nozzle
  • hand washer tank with detergent dispenser
  • 4-position inlet selector switch on the suction side of the pump (1. external source, 2. chemical tank #1, 3. chemical tank #2, 4. lower outlet of the IBC tank), removable version
  • Washable filter on the suction side of the pump
    230V chemical pump (370W), with cable holder, main switch and 230V connection option
  • a digital flow meter K24 with resettable and total counter for measuring the amount of liquid flowing through the pump
    4 separate valves on the discharge side of the pump (1. chemical tank, 2. hose reel, 3. IBC tank filler, 4. IBC tank washer)
  • IBC washer system with rotary head (only with at least 1 IBC tank ordered)
  • Battery-operated LED flashlight
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