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CropView - Your field under full remote control

CropView - Your field under full remote control

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Your field circumstances, crop condition and fruit growth under full remote control. Using a state of the art optical camera system supported with artificial intelligence software.

With the inspiration of helping the farmer to grow his crop in the optimal and most healthy way, Pessl Instruments GmbH, developed optical high-resolution camera system, together with a computer vision software which is able to recognize objects from the photo (first solution is made for apple fruit recognition).

The optical high-resolution camera system is installed in the field to remotely monitor the field, crop or fruit. All of the photos and data from computer vision software are displayed online, on a web portal called FieldClimate.

CropVIEW® is a camera system with integrated electronics (camera, modem, power source with solar panel). It can be installed wherever in the field needed. In the field, the device is self-sufficient, as it is powered by a solar panel and a battery. 10 MP camera takes high-resolution pictures of your field, crop or fruit.

Images are sent via mobile network to the FieldClimate platform where they are analyzed with automatic detection of fruits (for apples only). The results are then visible on the web or mobile devices. As a result, we see a photo with recognized fruits (apple only) as well as measurements of fruit diameters (apple only). Control is real-time and the collected data can be used for further analysis.

How many stations will be installed needs to be decided by the local personnel on the farm. It can be either one or more devices per growing site (e.g.: if there are different varieties at the growing site and monitoring of all is wanted).

When installing CropVIEW® station you need to take into consideration the sun position – make sure that your device is not facing the sun directly at the time that photos are taken.

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